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Bodega NQN P15 Malbec Patagonia 2015 Product #31700 (In Stock)
Bodega NQN P15 Malbec Patagonia 2015 Bodega NQN P15 Malbec Patagonia 2015

We're not sure what NQN stands for, although we know "P15" is for Picada 15 - not that we know what that means.  What we do know is that this is exactly the kind of vivid, fresh, fruit-filled and delicious Malbec we've been hoping to see from Patagonia!  Argentina's ample sunshine shows through here in lovely ripeness and body.  And Patagonia's cool nights keep things fresh and juicy.

It's a delicious wine full of ripe red raspberry and dark cherry fruit that really pop on the nose and palate.  There are hints of licorice and berry blossom for complexity and a touch of dark chocolate for depth.  Feels great in your mouth, round and fleshy and very pure, and then finishes  long and fresh and full of tangy fruit.  A classy wine you'll love drinking with a chill by itself and even more with anything from salmon to chicken or lean beef.

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