Stunning 2014 Red Burgundy from JM Guillon

Victor ZinfandelAs always, the arrival of Jean-Michel Guillon’s new crop of powerful red Burgundies is one of the highlights of our year.  And his 2014s are especially compelling in a vintage that gives plenty of ripe, fresh, fruit with supple textures that will tempt you now and support long, elegant, evolution in your cellar.  Equally tempting:  the chance to build a collection of these best-in-class and very highly-rated wines at prices that are both very reasonable for Burgundy at this level and the lowest we can find in the USA.  See the full list of available wines here and join us Saturday to taste four 1er Cru and 1 magestic Grand Cru 2014 from Jean-Michel Guillon.


Bordeaux 2015 Futures Values

Our Bordeaux Futures campaign continues for a few weeks more.  Take advantage of this opportunity to lock up some of the most exciting values of this very exciting vintage before they arrive in the USA.  See all the details here!

Why 2015 Bordeaux is So Exciting

St Innocent Freedom Hill

What makes a "great" Bordeaux vintage "great" is how excellent the "little wines" can be.  We've loved Ch La Roche St Jean for years, but in 2015 it rockets to new heights of quality.  So we backed up the truck and bought so much the importer threw in classic wood cases, too!  From $8.98 this cannot be beat.

Ken Wright 2015 Pinot Noir Pre-Sale

Rose Dieu Plan de Dieu

Ken Wright's 2015 single-vineyard Pinot Noirs are some of the most exciting we've tasted here, ripe and luscious enough to drink on release and structured enough to last 10+ years.  Secure your favorites right now!